“Align with Lindsay and Sorren” A Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Coaching Series to enhance your connection to Mind, Body, and Soul

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“Align with Lindsay and Sorren” A Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Coaching Series to enhance your connection to Mind, Body, and Soul
Saturday, October 12, 2019 11:00 AM
Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo, NY
  • All Ages
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Align with Lindsay and Sorren:

“Align with Lindsay and Sorren” 

A Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Coaching Event to enhance your connection to Mind, Body, and Soul 

This is a one of a kind workshop experience where we’ve combined our expertise in Kundalini Yoga and spiritual coaching to assist you in feeling better! As human beings we go through a lot. We live in a society where we’re told to do more and more. We connect to the “doing mode” where we dissect and analyze and strive to resolve issues within us and others, instead of simply being. And fear not only appears in our external reality but in our internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Wherever you are today, we’ve been there too. The amazing news is that there’s always a path to realignment and we can discover it together. 

This workshop in the series each focused on a different part of the complete human being. We will learn how to sustain the health and connection to our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies while understanding how we have connected to fear over compassion. We’ll use our individual training to personally assist you in identifying where you’ve felt misaligned as we teach you practical steps to deep healing and self love. 

The first half of the workshop will be a coaching segment by Lindsay, a mindset coach at Picture Perfect Mind. Participants will feel completely supported as we talk about how we have disengaged from love and identified with fear. Fear shows up in so many ways- self doubt, the inner critic, imposter syndrome, guilt, shame, comparison, judgment, unacceptance, hate, etc. We’ll understand how our inner critic has taken hold and how to remind ourselves of what’s going right, rather than what’s going wrong. You’ll receive a beautiful workbook that you can use throughout the series to journal on your personal blocks, worries, doubts, and anxieties. You’ll learn self-coaching and mindfulness stress reduction practices that can be used in every area of your life. 

During the second half of the workshop Sorren, a certified yoga instructor, will lead you through a beautiful Kundalini Yoga practice to cleanse you of energy that is no longer serving you. This practice is perfect for beginners who may be interested in Kundalini but are unsure of how to begin their own practice or what the benefits might be. You will learn how to harness the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body through breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to rebalance and purify your energy. This practice is for everyone and focuses on uplifting the spirit while rejuvenating the physical body. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to learn the following: 

  • Mindfulness based stress reduction

  • Chakra realignment practices

  • Thought management tools

  • Meditations to realign with source

  • Releasing techniques for fear and anxiety 

  • Intention setting and helpful affirmations

  • We are so excited to share space with you as we unburden our shared suffering and discover compassion and the path to wellness. This is a beautiful opportunity for you to build relationships with similarly minded people as we expand and evolve into consciousness.

    The total cost for the series is $25 with love. 

    Participants will receive a beautiful workbook and a goodie bag. 

    We are limiting the total number of spots available to create a deeper, individually customized connection with each participant. At the time we are not offering individually priced workshops but will make an announcement if spots open up throughout the series. 

    This workshop is from 11am-12:30pm at Buffalo Ironworks, 49 Illinois Street, Buffalo NY, 14203. The dates for the series are below! 

    Please bring a yoga mat. (we will have some extra bolsters, blankets, etc.) 

    If you have any questions please reach out to Lindsay at pictureperfectmind@gmail.com or Sorren at sorrencooke@gmail.com

    “Don’t turn away. Keep your eyes on the bandaged place. This is where the light enters you.”- Rumi